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Polymer-based Energy Materials Laboratory

고분자 기반 에너지 소재 연구실



Next-generation Battery

    The importance of electric vehicles (EVs) and grid-scale energy storage system (ESS) has increased to realize a green energy society in the near future. So, Next-generation batteries, widely known as advanced energy storage devices, have also attention to compensating small-scale lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The innovative technology of next-generation batteries, including high capacitive LIBs, all-solid-state batteries, and lithium metal-based batteries, achieves scale system up and expects high specifications. 

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Lithium Metal Battery

3D Structuring (buffer layer)

Artificial SEI layer

Electrolyte additives

High concentration electrolyte

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Sodium-ion Battery

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Aqueous Battery

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Dual-ion Battery

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