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Polymer-based Energy Materials Laboratory

고분자 기반 에너지 소재 연구실



Stretchable Materials

    With the development of wearable electronics, a necessity to replace the conventional rigid battery system was raised as they have the possibility to cause safety issues and performance degradation in the mechanically deformed state. In this regard, stretchable/flexible battery systems that can work functionally even in mechanically deformed states are required.

We focus on developing stretchable electrodes with high conductivity and low conductivity changes in a deformed state. For high electrical performance, we apply percolation theory to enhance electrical conductivity; use conductive materials with different dimensions. In addition, we focus on developing packaging materials for a stretchable battery system that shows low air permeability with high deformability.

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Stretchable Conductor

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Stretchable Membrane

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Stretchable Battery

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