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Polymer-based Energy Materials Laboratory

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An Effective Catholyte for Sulfide-Based All-Solid-State Batteries Utilizing Gas Absorbents  
Hyunbeen Choi, Sungjin Cho, Yoon-Seong Kim, Jun-Sic Cho, Hae-Sol Kim, Hyungjin Lee, Sumin Ko, Kyungjun Kim, Sang-Min Lee, Seung-Tae Hong, Chang Hyuck Choi, Dong-Hwa Seo*, and Soojin Park*
Small (2024) 

Functional Polymer Thin Films for Establishing an Effective Electrode Interface in Sulfide-Based Solid-State Batteries
Sungjin Cho1, Youson Kim2, Youngjin Song1, Jin Ryu2, Keonwoo Choi2, Junyeong Yang2, Se-Hee Lee3*, Sung Gap Im2* and Soojin Park1*
Advanced Functional Materials 

Facile Lithium Densification Kinetics by Hyperporous/Hybrid Conductor for High-Energy-Density Lithium Metal Batteries
Dong-Yeob Han, Saehun Kim, Seoha Nam, Gayoung Lee, Hongyeul Bae, Jin Hong Kim, Nam-Soon Choi, Gyujin Song*, Soojin Park*
Advanced Science

Mitigating Gas Evolution in Electron Beam-Induced Gel Polymer Electrolytes Through Bi-functional Cross-linkable Additives
Seoha Nam, Hye Bin Son, Chi Keung Song, Chang-Dae Lee, Yeongseok Kim, Jin-Hyeok Jeong, Woo-Jin Song, Dong-Hwa Seo, Tae Sung Ha, and Soojin Park*
Small (2024)

A Comprehensive Review of Battery-Integrated Energy Harvesting Systems
Dong-Yeob Han, Chi Keung Song, Gayoung Lee, Woo-Jin Song*, and Soojin Park*
Advanced Materials Technologies (2024)

Bottom Deposition Enables Stable All-Solid-State Batteries with Ultrathin Lithium Metal Anode
Sangyeop Lee, Sungjin Cho, Hyunbeen Choi, Sungho Kim, Insu Jeong, Yubin Lee, Taesun Choi, Hongyeul Bae*, Jin Hong Kim*, and Soojin Park*
Small (2024)

Customizing Polymeric Binders for Advanced Lithium Batteries: Design Principles and Beyond
J. Kang, J. Y. Kwon, D.-Y. Han, S. Park*, J. Ryu*
Applied Physics Reviews (2024) 
Selected as a Featured Article by Editors

Interface Engineering of Si-Based Anodes with Fluorinated Binder Enabling Lean-Additive Lithium-Ion Batteries 
Dong-Yeob Han, Im Kyung Han, Ho Yeon Jang, Sungho Kim, Jin Yong Kwon, Jeyoung Park, Seoin Back,* Soojin Park,* Jaegeon Ryu*  
Energy Storage Materials (
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