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Electrochemical dissociation and clustering of disordered silicon-carbon bonds yields stable composite battery anodes
Jaegeon Ryu§, Taesoo Bok§, Se Hun Joo§, Seokkeun Yoo, Gyujin Song, Su Hwan Kim, Sungho Choi, Hu Young Jeong, Min Gyu Kim, Seok Ju Kang,  Chongmin Wang*, Sang Kyu Kwak*, Soojin Park*
Energy Storage Materials (2020)

Nanobatteries and Nanogenerators: Materials, Technologies and Application 
Nanoscale Anodes for Rechargeable Batteries: Fundamentals and Design Principles (2020) 91-158
Jaegeon Ryu and Soojin Park
ISBN: 9780128215487

Revisiting Classical Rocking Chair Lithium-ion Battery
Sungho Choi§, Jieun Kang§, Jaegeon Ryu*, and Soojin Park* 
Macromolecular Research (2020)

Dual Buffering Inverse Design of Three-Dimensional Graphene-Supported Sn-TiO2 Anodes for Durable Lithium-Ion Batteries 
Jaegeon Ryu§, Hyunji Kim§, Jieun Kang§, Hyunwoo Bark, Soojin Park* and Hyunjung Lee* 
Small (2020)
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Salt-mediated extraction of nanoscale Si building blocks: Composite anode for Li-ion full battery with high energy density
Jaegeon Ryu§, Minjun Je, Wooyeong Choi, and Soojin Park* 
Materials Advances (2020)

Electrolyte-mediated Nanograin Intermetallic Formation Enables Superionic Conduction and Electrode Stability in Rechargeable Batteries
Jaegeon Ryu*,§, Jieun Kang§, Hongju Kim, Jun Hee Lee, Hosik Lee* and Soojin Park* 
Energy Storage Materials (2020)

Rational Structure Design of Fast-charging NiSb Bimetal Nanosheet Anode for Lithium-ion batteries
Gyujin Song§, Sungho Choi§, Chihyun Hwang, Jaegeon Ryu, Woo-jin Song, Hyun-Kon Song, Soojin Park*
Energy & Fuels (2020)

Stand-Alone Intrinsically Stretchable Electronic Device Platform Powered by Stretchable Rechargeable Battery​
Woo-Jin Song§, Minsik Kong§, Sunghwan Cho, Sangyeop Lee, Jimin Kwon, Hye Bin Son, Jun Hyuk Song, Dong-Gue Lee, Gyujin Song, Sang-Young Lee, Sungjune Jung, Soojin Park*, and Unyong Jeong*
Adv. Funct. Mater. (2020)
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Design of a Janus-faced Electrode for Highly Stretchable Zinc–Silver Rechargeable Batteries
Woo-Jin Song§, Chihyun Hwang§, Sangyeop Lee§, Minsik Kong, Jonghak Kim, Hyung Keun Park, Hye Bin Son, Gyeongbae Park, Sunghwan Cho, Jun Hyuk Song, Hyoung Seop Kim, Unyong Jeong, Tae Joo Shin*, Hyun-Kon Song*, and Soojin Park*
Adv. Funct. Mater. (2020)

A three-dimensional nano-web scaffold of ferroelectric beta-PVDF fibers for lithium metal plating and stripping
Chihyun Hwang§, Woo-Jin Song§, Gyujin Song§, Yutong Wu, Sangyeop Lee, Hye Bin Son, Jonghak Kim, Nian Liu*,  Soojin Park*, and Hyun-Kon Song*
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2020)

Lithium Accommodation in a Redox-Active Covalent Triazine Framework for High Areal Capacity and Fast-Charging Lithium-Ion Batteries
Onur Buyukcakir§, Jaegeon Ryu§, Se Hun Joo§, Jieun Kang, Recep Yuksel, Jiyun Lee, Yi Jiang, Sungho Choi, Sun Hwa Lee, Sang Kyu Kwak*,  Soojin Park*, and Rodney S. Ruoff*
Adv. Funct. Mater. (2020)

Recent progress in aqueous based flexible energy storage devices
Woo-Jin Song§, Sangyeop Lee§, Gyujin Song§, Hye Bin Son, Dong-Yeob Han, Insu Jeong, Youmin Bang, and Soojin Park*
Energy Storage Materials (2020)

Lithium Metal Interface Modification for High-Energy Batteries: Approaches and Characterization 
Jung-In Lee§, Gyujin Song§, Sungjin Cho, Dong-Yeob Han, and Soojin Park*
Batteries & Supercaps (2020)
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