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Hybrid Polyion Complex Micelles Enabling High-Performance Lithium Metal Batteries with Universal Carbonates
J.I. Lee§, S. Cho§, T. T. Vu, S. Kim, S. Ryu, J. Moon, S. Park
Energy Storage Materials (2021)
just accepted
Stable Bioelectric Signal Acquisition Using an Enlarged Surface-Area Flexible Skin Electrode
Inyeol Yun§, Jinpyeo Jeung§, Hyungsub Lim, Jieun Kang, Sangyeop Lee, Seongmin Park, Suwon Seong, Soojin Park, Kilwon Cho, and Yoonyoung Chung* 
ACS Applied Electronic Materials (2021)
Vinyl-Integrated In Situ Crosslinked Composite Gel Electrolytes for Stable Lithium Metal Anodes
Sungho Kim§, Jaegeon Ryu§, Jaehyun Rim§, Dongki Hong, Jieun Kang, and Soojin Park* 
ACS Applied Energy Materials (2021)
Fabrication of Carbon Nanofibers Decorated with Various Kinds of Metal Oxides for Battery Applications
Jung-Pil Lee§, Sinho Choi, Sungjin Cho, Woo-Jin Song*, and Soojin Park* 
Energies (2021)
Renewable future: Comprehensive perspective from materials to systems for next-generation batteries
Gyujin Song§, Hye Bin Son§, Dong-Yeob Han, Minjun Je, Seoha Nam, and Soojin Park* 
Materials Chemistry Frontiers (2021)
A Dry Room-Free High-Energy Density Lithium-ion Batteries Enabled by Impurity Scavenging Separator Membrane
Hye Bin Son§, Myoungsoo Shin, Woo-Jin Song, Dong-Yeob Han, Sungho Choi, Hyungyeon Cha, Seoha Nam, Jaephil Cho, Sinho Choi, Seungmin Yoo*, and Soojin Park* 
Energy Storage Materials (2021)